Photo retouch, repair, restore
Hello, I specialize in photo retouching and restoration.

      Do you have old photos that are worn, stained, blemished, scratched, torn, or wrinkled? Let me have a chance to restore your old photo to bring old memories back to life.

      Do you have a photo that needs retouching? I can remove scars, acne, wrinkles, red eye, tattoo's, and any other blemishes. I can whiten eyes, and teeth, and remove dark circles or bags under the eyes.

      Please click on the "      how to order" tab above, to learn how to have your photo retouched or restored. I will also give you an estimation on pricing, and complete instructions for obtaining a free, exact price quote. I will explain the complete process from start to finish.
      Thank you​

Contact:  menark51@yahoo.com
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